Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Potter County Schools History

This site has been created to help preserve the history of all of the schools in Potter County, PA.
While searching for old Coudersport High School photographs to use for a display at our school reunion, I found that it was nearly impossible to find school photos prior to 1948.

Classmates and relatives in Coudersport tried finding photos at the school, library and Historical Society with limited success. There is no one depository for such photos. The Potter County Historical Society had some photos and newspaper articles and was the best source.

I know that it is too late to find some of these materials, but I would like to save as many of them as possible.
You can help with this project. Get the word out to family and friends. Ask them to go through their photographs, scrapbooks, files and look for material relating to the schools in Potter County, especially prior to 1948 for Coudersport. 1948 was the first yearbook for Coudersport, but that will vary by school.

Then the people who find these treasures from our past need to take them to the Potter County Historical Society to donate the original or to get them copied so that we can create files for each school by year. The Historical Society is located at 308 North Main Street in Coudersport, PA 16915. The hours of operation are Monday and Friday from 1 to 4 PM. You can call them during at (814) 274-4410 or (814) 848-3942.
You may also email the Historical Society at : pottercohist@zitomedia.net

I never knew that my own mother had a class graduation photo until I talked to her about having trouble finding these pictures. I had all of our family photos in my home and had never seen it. Mom had given the photo to her best friend. Her friend had died. I tracked it down by calling the friend's daughter, and she mailed it to me. I was lucky to find it before it disappeared.

These treasures get lost or ruined through moves, fires, floods, or simply no one wanting them anymore. Please don't let that happen to anymore Potter County School History. Contact the Potter County Historical Society and let them help us to preserve this important history.

It is of great help if the photographs, news articles, ect. have a date and also names. Any information about them is of real importance. However, they will try to get the information for the memorabilia in other ways if you don't have it.